Mission Statement

At AG-FIT, we understand the frustration of wasting both your time and money on gimmicky training methods and fad diets that fail to deliver the results you want—that’s why we do not offer any gimmicks. What we do offer is a practical way to achieve the body you want. We treat each client like an individual and design each training program for the clients' current skill level and experience and progress each client accordingly getting our clients stronger and leaner in the process. We believe in educating and coaching clients on nutrition in a way that is sustainable for each client so what used to be called a “diet” can become a lifestyle, making attaining the body you want easy and allow you to achieve it in a healthy and rewarding way.

Adam Green  CSCS, CPT

My life totally changed when I discovered the ability to improve myself through strength training and healthy eating. Through adopting a lifestyle where I made daily strength training and healthy eating a major priority in my life I was able to transform my body from being weak and what only could be described as “skinny fat” to having a strong and lean physique that I couldn’t be happier with. What I also noticed upon adopting this lifestyle was that not only did my body transform as I built strength and lost body fat, but I also noticed that I was generally more motivated and focused in other areas of my life. Strength training and eating healthy was a major catalyst for my success in school and my career which led me into personal training where I hold multiple nationally recognized certifications and more importantly share my knowledge and experience with my clients helping them to achieve their goals everyday.